Proving Why Vinyl Is Still Popular

Vinyl Records Adelaide

There is nothing quite like vinyl ‒ even in the age of online streaming. Even after the advent of CDs, iPods and Spotify, music lovers worldwide still see the value in good old fashioned LPs. We are even realising that their sound quality is better. While digital media is convenient and offers a plethora of choices on one device, it still can’t come close to the authenticity of a vinyl record. Twelve Inches and Single Records is the newest record store in Adelaide that is proving just how timeless vinyl is.

Old School Is Cool

Embracing all that is vintage, this vinyl record store in Adelaide is like a time capsule of music memorabilia. It’s proving to be a haven for music lovers who crave vinyl’s real feel and warmth. Owning a record is the ultimate show of loyalty to an artist, and many fans can attest to that special feeling of holding an LP in your hands and the ritual of placing it on the turntable, waiting for the sound to play. It’s that old fashioned experience and connection to music that puts vinyl on a whole other level compared to simply clicking a button on your phone, which is much more impersonal.

The Proof Is In The Celebs

When CDs came out in the 80s, it seemed to be over for vinyl, but their unique quality has kept them alive. Now there appears to be a revival of the old school records. According to the New York Times, 17 million vinyl records were sold in the US during the first half of 2021, generating a retail value of USD 467 million. Artists like Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo and Adele continue to release vinyl copies of their albums and include them in their marketing, proving their undying popularity and sealing the deal among fans. Some have compared records to live music, bringing you closer to the artist. Despite the difficulty in producing vinyl records and limits in infrastructure, music industry influencers seem to agree that they are too essential to abandon for good.

Vintage Vinyl Store In Adelaide

Visit Twelve Inches and Single Records vinyl record store in Adelaide and meet our friendly team who love music to the end and back. We refresh our vinyl collection regularly, so there’s always something new to discover and look forward to. Whether you are looking for collectibles that look amazing on your shelf, rock punk albums or blues, we have something for all tastes. Our records have been carefully handpicked to bring you the best authentic vinyl and music listening experience. Our store is filled with original antique merch as well, so pop in and have a browse or contact us. We’d love to meet you and share the love of vinyl!

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