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Adelaide’s newest record shop, “Twelve Inches and Single Records” opened its doors in early December 2020. The founders ‘Michael Boes’ and ‘Scott Weinert’ have always had a love of music and both understand the importance of sitting back regularly and listening to an array of tunes. Music has the ability to soothe ones soul and having our store gives us the opportunity to share our love of music with others. We are a local, family owned business whose focus is to keep our overheads minimal to ensure that our customers always get great value for money.

At record store Adelaide, everything in our range is hand-picked and 100% guaranteed. A careful selection and preparation process is always adhered to therefore giving the end consumer the peace of mind that they are purchasing quality products. 

Our record stores in Adelaide is much like a “record store of old”. We offer “good ol’ fashioned service” and visiting our store is like taking a step back in time. Part of being old fashioned, we thrive on offering one on one service, face-to-face, in our store. Moving forward, we plan to stick with this same formula to give our customers the best and most personalised experience possible. 


Music is in our blood

Here’s some photos of my late Pop and his record store in Amsterdam back in the day. Even though I was always extremely close with Pop, I didn’t realise until very recently that he managed a large record store (perhaps the largest) in Holland many decades ago. Talk about it being in the blood!

I’m very emotional writing this post. I know Pop would be really proud of what we’ve achieved over the last few months. He was an incredible man who so many people highly respected. He always was and always will be someone who I aspire to be just like.

Mick Boes

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