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We are continually rotating our stock so it doesn’t all end up online. We try and give you the best variety of music in the store so we’ve collected pre-loved vinyl from fellow music enthusiasts that share our love of good music. We hand pick each and every one in our collection to make sure that it is in tip top shape and worthy of the guarantee we provide. Have a blast from the past by visiting our record store of old where we offer good ol’ fashioned service we all know and love.

Everything from ACDC to Led Zeppelin

As you enter our store you’ll not only be greeted by us and welcomed with open arms but you’ll be presented with an array of price range stock. We’ve organised this collection to allow you to sift through vinyl from A – Z.

Meet the Artists

Our next room is sorted into genres and grouped by artists. You’ll also find our table filled with 7″ gems just waiting to be found.

It doesn’t stop at just vinyl. You’ll find a wall of second hand CD and Cassettes which you’re sure to be able to fill you bag with.

Deck the Halls

No, this ain’t a room destined for Christmas cheers and Eggnog but decorated with an array of band Ts and posters. Not to mention more vinyl. Don’t miss it on your way through to the. . .

Iron Maiden Room

The title says it all. We’ve accumulated a massive collection of Iron Maiden memorabilia which covers the walls. Amongst this is you’ll find more stock. New Stock. Soundtracks. And don’t look passed the vintage hifi systems

Watch this space

We’re continuously evolving along with our stock. Our store adapts as we build up new collections and accumuilate new stock.

What’s next? We’d like to hear from you. What are you looking for in an Adelaide Record Store? Leave your feedback.

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Watch this space

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