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Vinyl records have been praised by millions of people globally ever since their inception. Since people appreciate vinyl’s quality, it’s still a trend today and holds its value. Several factors have contributed to an exponential rise in vinyl sales. These factors include the unrivaled uniqueness of a vinyl record and the nostalgia-inducing effect on many people. Therefore, in 2017 alone, 4.1 million records were bought, producing the highest annual sales number in 26 years!

However, the problems that caused vinyl to be replaced by more modern media forms still remain to this day. Thus, we’ve compiled a list of pros and cons below to assist you in determining whether or not a vinyl record is a worthwhile investment for you. 

The Pros Of Vinyl Records

The Nostalgia It Gives You

Perhaps one of the most popular reasons people purchase vinyl records is its nostalgia factor. Unfortunately, you can rarely feel this nostalgic element with digital music or CDs. The roots of the nostalgia tied to vinyl records originate in the experience of owning a vinyl record, unwrapping them from their packaging, and playing them in a record player.

Unwrapping the sleeves, smelling the old-time scent, and the vinyl material’s feel itself contribute to an entirely different experience unmatched by any other music format. The concreteness and tangibility of a vinyl record can’t be replicated in the digital realm.

The Unique Sound Of Vinyl

This factor is another part of the vinyl-owning experience. Some of the unique vinyl sounds you can hear include those familiar crackles, the warm tones, and even background noises captured during the recording process.

Many music enthusiasts have a preference towards these ‘familiar’ and ‘comforting’ tones compared to the cleaner sound quality of modern recordings. Many music lovers prefer these ‘comforting’ tones over smoother, more modern recordings. Moreover, the class and character that vinyl commands over other formats is a contributing factor to the popularity of this format in the past, and again in the present day.

Vinyl Demands And Commands Attention

When you walk into a room and hear a vinyl record playing, the chances are that you will be instantly drawn to it. The tunes of a vinyl record undoubtedly light up any room it graces. So much so that you may find yourself unconsciously listening to a vinyl track in a much more serious and intent manner than if you were listening to an Apple Tunes or a Spotify track.

Over the years, the portability and availability of music have prompted us to listen to it in a more passive manner, often in the background as we go about our daily tasks. Rarely do we find ourselves sitting down and listening to music for the sake of it. 

Go ahead, put on one of your vinyl records, and you’ll find yourself stuck to your armchair while comfortably listening to some pleasant music for the next hour and doing nothing else. Such an activity is a rare pleasure, especially in today’s fast-paced environment.

Your Taste In Music Will Improve

If you’re reading this article as a guide in helping you decide whether to purchase a record player, this next factor should be enough to convince you. Investing in a turntable record player, like the ones we have available in our record store in Adelaide, will only improve your music taste!

So, if you go to our record store or any record store for that matter, you won’t find any top 40 hits from the last 10 years. You won’t have any luck finding albums that were on number 1 for 2 months before disappearing off the face of the Earth!

What is in store for you are songs and albums that have become beloved classics for generations over the years. All legends of music. Singers and bands who have reached the pinnacle of music. They were artists who produced not just good music, but the best songs and tunes, with unparalleled production, inspiring lyrics, and the best riffs.

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